Kyoung Update: Big Love

By kyoung / September 22, 2008 / Comments Off on Kyoung Update: Big Love

Dear friends, I hope you can come see “Big Love,” my newest project at Kyung Hee’s Suwon campus. “Big Love,” by Charles Mee, tells the story of 50 brides that flee their fifty grooms and seek shelter in Italy. The grooms find the brides and force them to marry. Unable to escape, 49 of the […]

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Kyoung Update: Suwon, India

By kyoung / September 15, 2008 / Comments Off on Kyoung Update: Suwon, India

Hello everyone! Greetings from South Korea! I returned to Korea two weeks ago and I’ve had to promptly adjust back to life in Suwon. Things are going very well. I’m currently directing Kyung Hee University’s School of English Language and Culture’s production of Charles Mee’s “Big Love.” It’s the biggest show I’ve ever been involved […]

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