Kyoung Update: Barcelona, Seoul

Greetings everyone!

I apologize for not keeping in touch in a long, LONG, time. It’s been a hectic month, travelling back from Barcelona to Seoul and readjusting to school life. We get up at 5:45 AM these days and start our meditation at 6 AM. Kyoung is not a very happy puppy…

But I digress… I returned from Barcelona last month, stayed a week in Seoul with my friend Karl before coming back to the GIP. Twelve new students enrolled to our program, including Belle (from Taiwan) and Akli (from Algeria.) I threw a party for everyone once “Leadership Training” started and then professors got mad at me when a couple of people missed the morning ceremony the next day. Despite that slight slip, things are starting with a bang!

In this email, I include some pictures from Barcelona and Seoul so you see what I’m up to these days… Barcelona is a beautiful, vibrant, highly thrilling city. It had everything, including a production of my favorite play, THE GOAT, by Edward Albee, in Catalan (a local language from Spain.) Of course, I had to go see it, and this play, I swear to God, is good even when it’s not in English. If you want to see more about Barcelona, please let me know. I have over 100 pictures, but I’m not sure everyone wants to see all of them.

Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Opening

Back in Seoul, I’ve begun volunteering for the Korea Arts and Culture Education Service, a government program that started last year to promote Arts Education across public schools and local communities in Korea. For now, I’m working on writing copy, editing speeches and the like, but they like my work so we’re trying to set up a meeting between the big boss and I to see what else I can do.

Personally, being back in the GIP has turned out to be swell. Kyoung is in love, like the kind of irrational, passionate, hopelessly romantic kind of love. Kyoung also seems to refer himself in the third person when he talks about being in love; perhaps because it’s been a long time since Kyoung has felt this in love.

And having said that, I have to go get back to work. I owe like 3,000 emails to some people, and more than 3,000 apologies for not writing back. But I hope you understand the circumstances and consider this a fresh start. It’s the Year of the Dog everyone, and the prediction/suggestion is: “Change, or be Changed.”

Love to everyone!



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