Kyoung Update: disOriented


I’m so excited to invite you to my play disOriented, which opens this Wednesday, February 16th at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre on 42nd Street! disOriented is directed by Carlos Armesto, Artistic Director of Theatre C, and features Ariel Estrada, Daniel K. Isaac, Talym Jinn Kim, Julian Charles Leong, Bert Matias, Amy Kim Waschke, Virginia Wing, and contemporary Korean fan dancing performed by Yanghee Lee. The show will run from Feb. 16th-Mar. 5th and tickets are now available at

disOriented is a play about my family and childhood growing up in Santiago, Chile, but I’ve set the play in contemporary Flushing to explore my experience as a first generation immigrant. A lot of my journey is immersed in the telling of a family secret, the death of my uncle, which my family kept hidden from my ill grandparents for five years. disOriented is experimental in form, non-linear in narrative, and punctuated with contemporary Korean fan dancing which I use to meld dance with text, until the play explodes into a percussive song of voices and movement.

disOriented has been featured in this month’s issue of American Theater Magazine and we’ve organized two fantastic panels to discuss the play with our audience. The first panel, “North Korea: WTF?”, is scheduled to follow the Saturday, Feb. 26th, matinee performance of disOriented. We’ve invited Jacqueline Pak, PhD, an expert in Korean history, and Potri Ranka Manis, Philippine director/choreographer, to talk about the nexus of theater and conflict, in the context of political theater. The second panel is an artist talkback with the director and cast of disOriented, which will be held after the evening performance of Thursday, Mar. 3rd.

If you’re curious to know more about the play, you can read about it in an interview published in the Brooklyn Rail or in NY Korea Times (article in Korean). I hope to see you at the theater!



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