Kyoung Update: London

Greetings from London!

London, Royal Court Theatre

I’ve had an amazing 3 months here in London, participating at the Royal Court Theatre’s Young Writer’s Programme. Usually, I take lots of pictures and email a pretty online photo album to look at, but I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time cooped up in small rooms writing instead.

I wrote a short op-ed article describing my experience in London and it was published in the Korea Times last Thursday. The paper keeps on tweaking my articles (this time the title didn’t survive their edits) but in general, the main ideas are still there:

Now, for the great news: I wrote a new monologue, “Not Yours/Eyes,” while in the English country side (thanks to the Arvon Foundation), and my play will be produced at the Royal Court Theatre next January as part of their “Rough Cuts Festival” of new works in progress. ¬†For those of you in London, the play will be at the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs on Wednesday, January 23rd at 9 PM. Come check it out!

Class with Tim Crouch @ Jon Osborne's former home.

Also, I’ve been invited to be Visiting Professor at Kyung Hee University’s Suwon campus! I’ll be designing and teaching two undergrad classes: “Contemporary American and British Drama: Post 9/11 Theatre,” and “American Musicals/ American Culture.” I am so excited to return to Korea and teach; I’ll be combining my love for theatre, post-9/11 politics, cultural studies and arts education, all at the same time!

I’m feeling ridiculously fortunate at the moment, but after a rough time getting through the last bit of my Master’s program, this fall was all about releasing oodles of creative energy.

London, Shakespeare's Old Globe

I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready to celebrate the holidays.

To World Peace,


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