Kyoung Update: Milwaukee, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Chicago


On behalf of Kyoung’s Pacific Beat, I’m thrilled to share with you news about our company’s work. We are in a moment of tremendous growth, experiencing a whirlwind of opportunities, growing pains, and feeling both the excitement and challenges of pursuing a peacemaking mission in these troubling times.

“I have been offered help to clarify our values and strategic planning. I have been offered help to fundraise and budget and manage our accounts. I have been suggested to ‘think like a mediocre white man and fail up.’

For my self-neglecting, abandoned, alienated, ostracized, marginalized, Otherized, traumatized, inner self, I’d rather: claim my power, discipline my mind and body, grant myself permission and approval to love what I love, express gratitude for the present moment, and to listen and follow my own voice.”

–Read Kyoung’s latest blog post, Success, Trauma and Healing


Following a successful World Premiere of PILLOWTALK and great review from The New York Times, we have been invited to be part of the main-stage line-up for the Consortium of Asian American Theaters and Artists “Revolutionary Acts” Festival at Victory Gardens in Chicago this August.

We’re excited to be part of this national platform presenting the best Asian-American theater in the country.  You can read more about “Revolutionary Acts” Festival in The Chicago Tribune and learn more about our production on our website.

We are launching a $5,000 fundraising campaign in support of our tour to Chicago, featuring a limited number of pillow cases and throw pillows designed by visual artist Andrew Jordan.

You can get your own pillows and support our tour by making tax-deductible donations via our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. Check out our fundraising video here.

The success of PILLOWTALK stems from two years of strategic planning supported by The Field’s Leadership Fund Fellowship. We are excited to be a contributing writer of The Field’s “INTENTION, ACCOUNTABILITY, and EQUITY: Lessons From Field Leadership Fund, an Emerging Arts Fellowship.”

Kyoung is now part of two leadership programs, the 2018-2020 APAP Leadership Fellows Program and one more fellowship to be announced later this month. Kyoung’s Pacific Beat is recipient of an ART/NY Nancy Quinn fund to improve our fiscal management tools and we are undergoing a new strategic planning process.

Visit Kyoung’s Pacific Beat to learn more about our company’s Vision and Values and our newly launched Community CoLab, an arts for change initiative identifying our company’s four foci: Creating Peace, Queering the Social Order, Securing Cultural Democracy and Representation, and Devising the Future.

Our mission is to work with artists, non-artists, and local communities to share personal and communal experiences of oppression and devise theater that transforms these stories into peace messages made public through performance.

Learn more on how you can book us, partner with us, advice us, volunteer for us, and/or fund us here.

Thanks for your continued support and belief in Kyoung’s Pacific Beat. Now, more than ever, we must work together to promote a culture of peace and non-violence.



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