Kyoung Update: New York

Hey everyone:

I’m having one of those moments back from my fellowship where you’re either are having a breakthrough or a melt-down. Since I don’t know which, I’ll just tell you I had a great time in Montauk and wrote like crazy, coming home with 4 new drafts for 4 different plays. Now back in the city, I’m trying to adjust to practical modern life, and I’m not being very good at it. But anyway, in the meanwhile, still writing. This time, a cheesy poem called:


Spring brings hope to the
Earth. Cherry trees blossom
white and pink. On its branches
the baby sparrow is hatched. She
gives me shadow from the sun.

Summer feeds the Earth. I
collect the ripen fruits from the
ground. The sparrow
learns to fly. He and I
swim into the sea.

Fall brings yellow rest to the
Earth. The Cherry tree ceases
to work. The sparrow now
lives up in the air. She tells
me it is time to come to bed.

Winter covers the Earth.
The Cherry tree sleeps.
The sparrow’s nest is empty.
We’re together in my dreams.

For every season, there is
a different kind of love.
Like all things naturals
shifts and changes do occur.

One woman made our Earth and
one man made humanity.
Seasons are their children to this day.
Love: a silly game they make us play.

Anyway, it’s not time to get worried. Just thought I’d share with you a cheesy poem.

Miss y’all.


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