Kyoung Update: New York

Hi there,

So as you may or may not know, I’m leaving the country in two weeks. It’s been a crazy ride for me for the past month, including risk of deportation, Homeland Security, fundraising jobs and a whole lotta’ drama.

So I’m taking a hiatus of all of it, and going to Chile and then a Graduate Program in Peace Studies in Seoul. The goal is to continue my studies and try to find ways to promote peace culture at a global scale, thru NGO’s, arts organizations and as an artist. Of course, I am also planning on physically being here as much as I can during my leave, continue being part of the group via Internet and returning to New York after my studies.

In the meanwhile, as a way to say thank you for letting me part of this amazing group and for being so supportive of my work, I’ll be bringing snacks to the meeting to further entice your attendance. I hope I get to see you guys at least one more time before I go… It would mean lots.

If you can’t make it next Tuesday, I’m also having a reading of a new play, HEAVEN IS NOT-FOR-PROFIT, as a good bye party at the Lark on Saturday, April 2nd at 7 PM. (Is anyone else thinking theater-geek right now?)

See you guys next week!



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