Kyoung Update: New York

Hello everyone!

I am in New York for two more weeks before I start travelling all over again! If you’re in New York, I’d like to invite you to the workshop production of my play, “disOriented,” which I’m working on with Diverse City Theater Company and the amazing director, Carlos Armesto.

When: Saturday, February 14 at 7:00pm and Sunday, February 15 at 5:00pm.
Where: Theater 54 – Shetler Studios. 244 W. 54th Street, between Broadway and 8th Ave.
Who: Obie Award Winner Ching Valdes-Aran, Tom Ikeda, Cindy Cheung (Sides, Lady in the Water), David Shih (Saving Face), Jeffrey Omura (Gossip Girl), Ariel Estrada (Honor) and Jon Norman Schneider (Durango)

Reservations are highly recommended. To reserve tickets, send an email to or call Martha at 646-895-9161. Suggested donations will be taken at the door.

If you want more info. on the play, please check out:
Korea Times:
Diverse City Theater Interview:

Also, I’m excited to tell you that I’ve been accepted as an International Exchange artist with the 2008 Nobel Peace-prize nominated Theater of the Oppressed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I will be working with them from mid-April through the end of June, time in which I’ll be searching for new theatrical forms that can merge my interests in international politics, theater, and social change.



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