Kyoung Update: Suwon, Chicago, Ottawa, Toronto, New York

Hello everyone!

Greetings from South Korea! I hope everyone’s doing well. I wanted to share with you some news about my latest play, “disOriented,” which will be presented in the upcoming months in South Korea and New York. This means I’m traveling this winter and looking forward to cool-off, quite literally, in Chicago, Ottawa, and Toronto before landing in New York on January 15th.

When/Where is Kyoung doing his madness?
Suwon, South Korea:

At Kyung Hee University, we’ve received a grant to commission a Korean translation of the play I’ll be directing a bilingual staged reading of excerpts of the play at Kyung Hee University’s School of Foreign Languages and Literature on December 1, 2008. 
New York City
I’m travelling to New York to work with Diverse City Theatre Company and director Carlos Armesto, and present a  workshop production of “disOriented” late January/early February, 2009.

What’s the play about?
When Ju Yeon’s brother unexpectedly dies, she must leave her family in New York and take her brother’s ashes to Korea. Her husband doesn’t want her to go, her children want to run away from home, and her parents just hope she returns before their time is up. A look at family, immigrant life, and death through a family in-between cultures.



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