This page contains a database of my full-length plays, including excerpts and up-to-date information on the development of new work.

The year underneath each title notes when a first draft was written.

Full texts of short plays, works-in-progress, and abandoned works are grouped together to document the development of characters, themes and voice.

Please note that all works available on this website are protected by copyright. If you're interested in performing a play, or wish to read full texts, please contact

OTHER NO MORE (Work-in-Progress)
More info. coming soon.
More info. coming soon.
Related Short Plays:
El Octavo Día

Commission: Writing for impossibility, Latinx Theatre Commons NYC Convening. Dec. 6, 2016. Director: Julián Mesri
Commission: DJ Latinidad's Latino Dance Party, Mixed Blood Theater. Mar. 2016. Director: Mark Valdez
K-Onda HamletWorkshop Production: Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile. January 2016. Director: Kyoung H. Park
Experimental Peace ProjectStudio Retreat: Target Margin Theater. Sept. 2, 2014. Director: Kyoung H. Park
A story of Korea's millennial history re-told through the adaptation of Korean folk tales.
Set in Brooklyn 2017, PILLOWTALK brings to life one night in the lives of Sam and Buck, a recently married interracial couple. Through a formal exploration of theatrical naturalism and the codified gender norms of ballet's pas de deux, PILLOWTALK queers the intersections of race, gender, and class to challenge our assumptions of love and marriage. PILLOWTALK confronts the backlash against marriage equality and #BlackLivesMatter, illuminating how liberation and oppression co-exist in our most intimate spaces.World Premiere: The Tank, January 11-27, 2018. Director: Kyoung H. Park. (Click image for more info.)
Based on autobiography and cross-gendered/drag performances, HOMOSOCIAL explores the domestic life of four struggling artists doing the queerest things to straighten out their lives.Public Reading: Ma-Yi Writer's LabFest. Feb. 24, 2013. Director: Kyoung H. Park
Related Short Plays: Once More, Then Never More NY Madness @ Urban Stages / May 20, 2013. Director: Kyoung H. Park
The Meeting Ensemble Studio Theater / Youngblood. Jun. 3, 2012. Director: Kel Haney
​​TALA is a based on the immigration experiences of Kyoung H. Park, a gay, Korean-Chilean playwright living in America. This surreal tragicomedy​ merges Park's American Dream with the story of Pepe and Lupe, two lovers inspired by Chilean poets Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral. Delve deep into the absurdities of being an artist, and trying to write within the margins of so many broken systems.World Premiere: Kyoung's Pacific Beat / Performance Project @ University Settlement. Jan.8-Jan. 23, 2015. Director: Kyoung H. Park. (Click image for more information.)PDF
Related Short Plays:
We're Cheap That Way
Ensemble Studio Theater / Youngblood. Oct. 6-8, 2011. Director: Andrew Grosso.PDF
Fools for Love Eleven: Violence, Variety, Vaudeville. Columbia University, School of the Arts. May 12-13, 2011. Director: David Carter.PDF

(Adaptation, Produced)
Set in a distant future, Walkabout Yeolha is a biting satire about a village's struggle to retain its identity in the face of cultural intrusion from a powerful empire. The play is an adaptation of Samshik Pai's award-winning play Inching Towards Yeolha (2007), translated by Walter Byonsok Chon, and questions the life of a post-industrial society in crisis.North American Premiere: Columbia University, Columbia Stages @ Riverside Theatre. Director: Kon Yi. Oct. 20-23, 2010. (Click image for more information.)PDF
(In Development)
Nero is a retelling of George W. Bush's Presidency and War on Terror, based on an anachronistic and inaccurate portrayal of Nero's Roman Empire. A four-hour, five-act epic with 80's pop music.World Premiere: April 2024. Click here for more info.
The Diamond Trade is a dance-theater piece based on the Koh-I-Noor, a historic Indian diamond. The play is an imagining of six women who unknowingly have pieces of this diamond and it tells the story of the Koh-I-Noor’s spirit, taking the form of the Indian goddess Kali, as she travels around the world to reclaim her body.Studio Presentation, Bushwick Starr. October 2016. Director: Kyoung H. Park
Set behind the scenes of the United Nations, HEARTBREAK/INDIA exposes the secret affairs of Rajiv, an Indian-American diplomat negotiating a UN Global, Non-Violence, Peace Resolution, and through contemporary dance, the quest of a gay man's journey in search of inner peace and love.Studio Presentation, Bushwick Starr. October 2016. Director: Kyoung H. Park
Related Short Plays: A,B,C for Hunting; Eternal Love and Korean Fury; Gay Marriage Camp; I want a Threesome (before it's too late); Instant Happiness
disOriented tells the story of Ju Yeon, an immigrant living in New York, who has distanced herself from her Korean roots. When a sudden crisis hits her family, she must return to Korea and face the parents and the life she abandoned long ago. A dancing spirit caught between the worlds of tradition and modernity propels us through past and present, pushing the family members to their ultimate fates. World Premiere: Theatre C @ Peter Jay Sharp Theatre. Feb.16-Mar. 5, 2011. Director: Carlos Armesto. (Click image for more information.)PDF
Related Short Plays:
My Mom, in Santiago
Nou Se Zanmi @ Joe's Pub. Mar. 12, 2010. Director: R.J. Tolan.
Not Yours/Eyes Royal Court Theatre. Rough Cuts Festival; Ignition 2. Jan. 23, 2008. Director: Lyndsey Turner.PDF
MINA Vital Theatre. Vital Signs 9. Dec. 9-12, 2004. Director: C.S. LeePDF
WRITER has nothing to say, so he falls in love with his DOCTOR. His AGENT tells him not to and his EDITOR wants everything to re-start from page one.PDF
A FAIRY TALE (Full of Beautiful Meaning, But No Practical Use) (Abandoned)
Paul, a young archeologist, marries college drop-out Jeremy and seeks a stable homelife in Washington DC. Rob, advisor to Jeremy's mother, Senator Eleanor Rigby, forces Jeremy to go home while Prof. Stephanopolous walks into a bunch of gay drama.PDF
George and Martha are best friends with Tony and Cherie. When their good friend Edward passes away, they decide to build his memorial library but instead, fight over affairs, dead children, and Martha's mental stability. Koffi, Martha's shrink, tries to help, but he has his own demons to deal with. An allegory for the War on Terror, US-UK-UN relationships, inspired by Edward Albee's plays.Roundtable Reading: Lark Play Development Center. February 13, 2007PDF
Heaven is a not-for-profit organization in a fundraising crisis. The Board has merged Heaven and Hell; Satan has hired a fundraising consultant named Faith. Meanwhile, God falls in love with a donor, Rich Mann, and the over-worked Mexican staff decides to revolt.Public Reading: Lark Play Development Center. April 2, 2005PDF
Set in a two-story penthouse, the play tells the story of Blake Williams (the future president of the United States) who is in love with his roommate Sonia Lee (a descendent of Kim Il Sung) who, in turn, is holding a dinner party to present her new boyfriend (and heir to the Czech Budweiser fortune) Tomas Kovarik to her closest friends. As the evening goes awry with excessive sex, drugs, and hunger, a war erupts within this young elite and their frightening nature is exposed.World Premiere: Access Theater / Young Minds Productions. January 14-30, 2005. Director: Cat Miller.
(Click image for more information.)
Related Short Play:
Uri/Nara and a Baby
Waverly Writers Collective @ American Theatre of Actors. Mar. 13-22, 2005. Director: Amanda J. Crater. First produced as Agatha/Christy and a Baby at Manhattan Theater Source. Jul. 29-Aug. 3, 2003. Director: Kyoung H. ParkPDF
Anna and Lisa Goodman are twin sisters from Long Island in search of fame and love in New York City. Their Chilean boyfriends, Roberto Guerra and Juan Paz are in search of better lives. Ben just wants to have fun. A cross-cultural portrait of youth before and after 9/11.Workshop production: Rash! Theater Company @ The Barrow Group. Nov. 15 and 22, 2003PDF
HOUSE OF SONG (Abandoned)
HE was poised to lead Korea's soccer team to victory during the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. Instead, he married SHE, had 12 babies (THEY), and is an illegal Korean immigrant in LA. HE must now face the consequences of leaving home as his forefather comes for him in the form of a cow (IT). (HOUSE OF SONG is the third of three tragedies from THE HOUSING PROJECT and is based on MEDEA and the myth of Chronos.)Written in 2004 with support of an Edward Albee Playwriting Fellowship. PDF
Set in a Chilean home on September 11th, Mateo (a playwright) is haunted and tortured by the ghosts of his parents, poets Pablo and Gabriela. (HOUSE OF BUENDIA is the second of three tragedies from THE HOUSING PROJECT, loosely based on Promotheus Bound.)Written in 2004 with support of an Edward Albee Playwriting Fellowship. PDF
HOUSE OF SOL (Abandoned)
Set during the turn of the millennium, Sol returns to White Waters to say good-bye to his family. However, as the Y2K crisis threatens the future of his father's technological empire, he must face a virus that spreads through his home like a curse. (HOUSE OF SOL is the first of three tragedies from THE HOUSING PROJECT, and a reverse Freudian adaptation of Oedipus, with a whiff of Hamlet.)Public Reading: Ensemble Studio Theater's Unfiltered Festival (2005). Roundtable Reading: Lark Play Development Center (2003). Written in 2003 @ Flea Theater's Pataphysics Workshop with Eduardo Machado.PDF
Please note that all works available on this website are protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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