sex and hunger

Written by Kyoung H. Park
Directed by Cat Miller
Performed by Chantal Bushelle, Nicholas Gray, Hana Moon, Ron Moreno, Asher Rapkin, Matthew Rinin, and Sammy Tunis

Set in a two-story penthouse, the play tells the story of Blake Williams (the future president of the United States) who is in love with his roommate Sonia Lee (a descendent of Kim Il Sung) who, in turn, is holding a dinner party to present her new boyfriend (and heir to the Czech Budweiser fortune) Tomas Kovarik to her closest friends. As the evening goes awry with excessive sex, drugs, and hunger, a war erupts within this young elite and their frightening nature is exposed.

Creative Team
Lighting Designer: Carol Feely
Assistant Director: Amanda J. Crater
Fight Choreographer: Matthew Rini
Produced by Access Theater and Young Minds Productions

"Park's play starts off talking dirty, swells into an orgy, and bursts into a melee in what might best be described as a black comedy of unrestrained demands and unfulfilled dreams... Park's script revels in the superficiality of his characters, playing along effectively with the surreal nature of their lives by jumping madly back and forth between one moment and version of reality to another. From opening your inner feelings to quoting from your latest movie, and from common gossip to speechifying, everything passes quickly and leads to the next non sequitur, as the pieces of who these kids really are underneath start to fall into place... Sex and Hunger is described as "an apocalyptic tale of unrestrained power," and in performance it certainly lives up to that billing... This is one take on the desperation of the unfortunately rich that is worth a good look--provided you can swallow the sex, drugs, and violence that go along with Park's penthouse view of unrestrained power at play."--Daniel Burson, Off Off Online

Production History
World Premiere: Access Theater, January 14-30, 2005. Director: Cat Miller
Workshop production: Six Figure Theater's Artists of Tomorrow Festival. December 1, 2 and 11, 2004. Director: Cat Miller

Production Stills by Robert Gore

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